Why Your Employees Hate Your Intranet And How You Can Bring Back The Love

Is it impossible to find what you need on your current intranet? Is your homepage so cluttered you forget what you were looking for to start with? Tell the truth -- is there clip art from 1988 on your intranet?

Lucky for you, there are some incredible advancements in social intranets and collaboration tools -- from social activity streams to content notifications to restricting content to specific users.

The choices are many, and the buzzwords abound! So join Phase2’s panel of intranet experts, and we’ll show you:

  • How to organize information on your intranet without having thousands of listed documents. 
  • Why all search is NOT created equal 
  • How to improve your employees’ intranet experience 
  • What “social intranet” actually means, and what’s out there to achieve it. 

We’ll show you how these advancements can make your intranet trusted, usable, and enjoyable for employees to use -- and that’s a better use of your intranet dollars.

Register for this month's webinar here!

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