Additional Resources

The documentation site for Open Atrium 2 (OA2) is meant to provide members of the open source community with basic documentation around how to use OA2. For the most part, this documentation is aimed at site builders and end users. For more technical documentation, we recommend visiting the the OA project page.  

For specific technical issues, we recommend posting your issue to the OA issue queue so other members of the community can help troubleshoot and learn from the solutions that are posted. Users of OA2 can also find additional support on the OA group

There are also a number of webinars with overviews of various OA2 functionality that can be found on our OA2 webinars page.

For more information around Organic Groups, click here.

For more information around Panopoly, click here.

For more information around Bootstrap, click here.

For more information around OA Radix, click here.


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