Access Control of Content

One of Open Atrium 2’s biggest strengths is the ability to set permissions to the most granular level necessary for your organization.

Setting Inheritance

When initially creating a space and subspace, you will have the option of determining the “group user inheritance” as well as the “group user permission inheritance.”

The Group User Inheritance determines whether the membership of a space will flow down to any nested subspaces.

The Group User Permission Inheritance determines whether or not the permissioning structure of the members of a space will flow down into any nested subspaces.

Setting Visibility

When you first create a space, you will be required to decide if that space is public (accessible to all site users and anonymous internet users) or private (accessible only to space members). The same occurs for subspaces. You can view the privacy settings of a space by scrolling over the lock icon on the right hand side of the page.

Sections default to “public” when you initially create them within a space. The term “public” however is limited by the overall space visibility. (i.e. if your space is private, the sections are “public” to only the members of the space) You can assign access to each section by group(s), team(s), or individual user(s) in the “section visibility” box on the section edit page. This can be managed and altered at any time.


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