Space Membership Management

How do I manage the members of my space?

For those users with permissions to access the membership of the space, there should be a “members” button on the homepage of each space. When you click the “members” button, you should be able to see the following:

  • “Members” tab - a listing of all of the members of a specific space.

    • If you scroll over the name of a user, the drop down arrow will allow you to access their user dashboard. In addition, you can choose to remove them from the space, add them as an admin, or block them as a user.

  • “Pending” tab - shows all users awaiting approval for membership to the space.

    • If you scroll over the name of a user, you can choose to view their dashboard, as well as add or remove them from the space.

  • “Administrators” tab - lists all of the administrators of the space

  • “Inherited” tab - identifies which spaces and groups members are being inherited from to create the membership base of your current space


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