What is a team?

A team is an ad-hoc collection of users specific to one space that shares a related purpose. Teams are used to assign privacy access to specific sections within spaces.

How do I create a team?

  1. Login to your OA account. (Certain roles may or may not have the capability to create teams)

  2. Select the space you’d like to create a team in.

  3. Click on the “+” button in the top line navigation bar and select “Create a Team”

  4. The following fields are required before you are able to save your team:

    1. Title of the team

    2. Members on the team

  5. Optional fields for entry include:

    1. Description

    2. Menu options

    3. Publishing options

    4. Authoring information

How do I add users to a team?

  1. Login to your OA account. (Certain roles may not have edit access for teams)

  2. Click the Drupal Admin button in the top left hand corner.

  3. Click the “Content” menu item.

  4. Select the created team from the list.

  5. In the “Add Existing Users” box, type the name of the user and click “add to team”


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