Open Atrium Webinar

When: Monday, Jul 28, 2014, (All day)

Top 4 Open Atrium Features For Enterprise

Enterprise organizations face complex internal collaboration challenges. These large organizations need a robust and secure toolset to successfully communicate within extensive, multi-faceted work environments.

In this month’s webinar we will showcase the top four Open Atrium features that help enterprise organizations securely connect to each other and collaborate online.
You will get an in-depth look at how enterprise organizations are using and customizing Open Atrium to work for their complex organizations. We'll look at:

  • Multi-brand, multi-location information architecture 
  • User Directories for finding and connecting with team members based on location, role, or custom tags 
  • Groups & Teams for organizing people around a project, an initiative, or a department 
  • Advanced Search for making sense of large libraries of content, including faceted and in-document search 

Join Karen Borchert, EVP of Strategy at Phase2 and Open Atrium Expert to gain insight into how Enterprise organizations are using Open Atrium and what Open Atrium can do for you. Register for the webinar here.