Core Features of OA 2

Open Atrium consists of several core features that are key to creating a social collaboration software solution for organizations needing to share knowledge and connect their teams. The core features included are:

Discussions, Notifications, & Messaging

Discussions in Open Atrium can be restricted to as few as two people or opened up to the whole organization, and can be restricted based on a user’s projects, teams, or organization membership. Users can subscribe to specific discussions and communicate through the email notifications feature, allowing teams to stay better in touch with the information that matters most.

Knowledge Management

For organizations building intranets, wikis, and knowledge management sites, Open Atrium allows for the simple storage and sharing of documents and media within groups or to the global organization. Open Atrium comes standard with full Media support and the ability to attach and store files, images, and video with documents assigned to specific discussions and groups.

Security & Access Control

Open Atrium features robust access control that outperforms any other open source solution by providing administrators full control over access for individuals, project teams, and organizations. Content created within a project can be restricted to sub-sets of the project team; Information can be shared globally or to restricted groups; and communications can take place among larger communities or highly classified teams.  Attached media and file documents can be made private to specific groups and teams.

Mobile Ready

Open Atrium’s theme is built using Bootstrap, a front-end framework using responsive CSS that allows content to be ready for multiple screen sizes out of the box. Over two dozen cross-browser, responsive layouts and several responsive image styles are included to aid in site building and allow your site to work seamlessly on mobile devices.

Customizable Layout

Open Atrium is built on Panopoly, a Drupal Panels-based distribution that offers drag-and-drop customization of pages and content. Easily switch layouts, change styles, and add generic widgets to display text, images, links, maps, submenus, video and spotlights across your Atrium site.

Pluggable Functionality:

Open Atrium is built with extension in mind. Custom functionality is added via plugins, keeping the core platform lean and light, while allowing users to add the specific functionality they need and not be burdened by unnecessary features.  Open Atrium 2 comes with the Discussion and Wiki plugins, but they can be easily removed and other community-developed plugins can be easily added.  Developing custom plugins well-documented and is no harder than building a normal Drupal module.


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