How do I add content to my space?

Once you’ve created a section within your space, you’ll be able to add any content relevant to that section. The breakdown of section and types of content is as follows:

  • News section - document pages, wiki pages, articles, & document management

  • Discussion section - forums, discussions, media attachments to conversations etc.

  • Calendar section - events w/ geolocation, calendars

  • Custom content types - any other content types you customize for site will also appear in the “+” button in the top line navigation.

Open Atrium 2 comes standard with Contextually Aware Content. Regardless of whether or not you’re in the specific section the new content is meant for, OA 2 will recognize the content type and nest it in it’s appropriate section. For example, you could create an event while being on the homepage of your space, and the event will be put into the calendaring section.

What happens to my content when I have two or more of the same type of section?

If you have two or more of the same type of section (i.e. more than two discussion sections), you will either need to be in the actual section when you’re creating content or manually select the section in the “access” menu of the piece of content. That way your content will be appropriately nested.


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