What is a user?

A user is a person with an account on your OA site. Depending on your identity management settings, they may or may not have access to certain spaces, but can be added as a member to a space by a site or space admin accordingly.

For sites and spaces that are completely public, please note that anonymous internet users will be able to view your site.

How do I create a user?

For sites where membership is controlled by the site admins, use the following steps:

  1. Click the Drupal Admin button in the top left hand corner

  2. Hit “People”

  3. Hit “add user”

  4. The following fields are required before you save your new user:

    1. Username

    2. Email address

    3. Password & Confirmation

    4. Display name

  5. Optional fields for entry include:

    1. Status (Blocked or Active)

    2. Role within the site

    3. Notifying the user of their new account

For sites where people can voluntarily sign up for membership, you can send them the URL of the space and they can click “Request Space Membership.” Membership can then be granted automatically or per individual user.  

How do I assign a user to a space?

Once a user has been created, a space admin can follow these steps to make that user a member:

  1. Go to the space that the user should be granted access to

  2. Click the “members” button on the right side of the screen

  3. In the “Add Existing User” box, type in the name of the user and click “add to space”



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