What is a section?

A section is where your content actually lives on your site. OA ships with documents, discussions, and events as default section options, but you can easily add additional content types via Drupal modules or custom code.

How do I create a section?

  1. Be sure that your site admin has already created your spaces and subspaces architecture.

  2. Available to space admins and above, log into your OA account.

  3. Click on the “+” button in the top line navigation bar and select “Create a Section Page”

  4. The following fields are required before you are able to save your section:

    1. Title of the section

    2. The section type, which refers to how the information is displayed (not what the information specifically is.)

      1. News section - for document management, wikis, or articles

      2. Discussion section - for forums and discussions

      3. Calendar section - for event management & calendaring

  5. Optional fields for entry include:

    1. Body of the section

    2. Section visibility

    3. URL specifier

    4. Notifications

    5. Menu options

    6. Publishing options

    7. Authoring options


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