Open Atrium 2.16 Release!

Open Atrium 2.16 was released today! Here are some of the notable improvements to look forward to:

  • New user notification settings form (no more wall of checkboxes!).  
  • Ability to notify entire space from the notification widget.
  • Space vocabularies inherit to subspaces.  Can also share vocabs across different spaces.
  • Colors and banners inherit to subspaces.
  • Ability to Subscribe (Follow) entire sections and spaces.
  • Content vibrancy: Shows new/updated tags on content in many different views across the product
  • Table support in the wysiwyg.  
  • Some theme fixes for IE users
  • New separate permission for adding replies to a discussion thread (vs creating new topics)
  • Theming improvements for discussion threads (no longer duplicates first line of post in the reply listing)
  • Fix for calendar event import problems
  • Fix for the installer problem that many people had with 2.15.

Open Atrium 2 Documentation

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