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Your members and alumni are living and working in a highly collaborative and digitally connected world. Staying in touch with members and teams across the globe can help your organization stay connected, promote initiatives or campaigns, increase membership, and raise funds. Using the open source Open Atrium tool set, you can create a robust alumni or member network that will allow you to not only reach your members, but to truly build relationships with them.

Learn how you can engage, rather than just broadcast; collaborate, not just communicate; and build up true leaders and...

Open Atrium 2.16 Release!

Posted by Annie Stone on April 9, 2014

Open Atrium 2.16 was released today! Here are some of the notable improvements to look forward to:

New user notification settings form (no more wall of checkboxes!).   Ability to notify entire space from the notification widget. Space vocabularies inherit to subspaces.  Can also share vocabs across different spaces. Colors and banners inherit to subspaces. Ability to Subscribe (Follow) entire sections and spaces. Content vibrancy: Shows new/updated tags on content in many different views across the product Table support in the wysiwyg.   Some theme fixes for IE users New separate...

Free Open Atrium Training At NYCCamp 2014!

Posted by Annie Stone on March 24, 2014

Open Atrium Expert, Mike Potter will be leading a free Open Atrium training at NYC Camp 2014 on Friday, April 10th, 9:00AM-5:00PM EST.  The training will go over the basics of setting up an Open Atrium instance and how to set up your own collaboration platform.  Get the full scoop about this training here!  If you are in the NYC Metro Area and want to learn how to use Open Atrium, be sure to sign up today, space is limited!

10 Tricks and Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Open Atrium

Posted by Annie Stone on March 11, 2014

 Knowing a few tricks and tips can save you time and help you get more out of this flexible collaboration tool.

In this month’s Open Atrium webinar, we’ll show you the best tricks and tips for using Open Atrium. Plus, we’ll answer questions like:

1. What should I set up first?
2. What’s the difference between a space and a group?
3. How do I make my Open Atrium site look like my organization?
4. How do I restrict who can see stuff on my site?
5. How am I going to make sure people use it?

An hour of these tricks and tips and you’ll be off to...

Planning Your Open Atrium Site

Posted by Annie Stone on November 13, 2013

 Join us Wednesday, November 20th at 11:00AM EST, and learn how to start planning your Open Atrium solution!

Open Atrium 2 has powerful capabilities for managing communications, knowledge, and teams, but planning is the first step to building a great Open Atrium site. Understanding the building blocks of how people, content, permissions, and structure work together in Open Atrium is the first step.

Lead by Open Atrium product manager, Karen Borchert, this webinar is designed for people and teams who are considering using Open Atrium to build an intranet, collaboration site,...

Open Atrium 2 Full Release Sneak Peak with Phase2 & Pantheon!

Posted by Danielle Miller on October 8, 2013

Hey there Open Atrium 2 fans!

We've got another exciting webinar for you coming up on October 18th, 2013 from 11 AM - 12 PM EST. 

With over 225,000 lifetime downloads, Open Atrium (OA) has long been one of the most popular, open source collaboration platforms powered by Drupal. After a year's worth of development and the impending release of OA 2 around the corner, we're thrilled to share the improved functionality of what has become an incredibly flexible and powerful social collaboration platform solution.   

Curious as to what the full release of OA 2 will include?...

Open Atrium 2.x Beta Features Q&A Webinar

Posted by Danielle Miller on July 30, 2013

Hey there Open Atrium 2.x fans!

Following the Beta release of Open Atrium 2.x, we'd like to invite you to our Features Q&A Webinar with tech lead, Mike Potter on August 9th at 11 AM EST. We'll guide you through some of our favorite features, with interactive discussion throughout the course of the webinar.

For those of you with questions about Open Atrium 2.x Beta or who want to learn whether or not its a good fit for your organization, be sure to join us on the 9th!

Register today!

Open Atrium 2.x Beta Release Webinar

Posted by Danielle Miller on July 2, 2013

Open Atrium fans!

We're almost there - Beta is just around the corner and we'd like to share it with you! Come hear about all the features that will be included in the release and hear about our plans for OA 2.0 moving forward. The webinar will be hosted on Friday, July 12th from 11 AM EST to 12 PM EST

Register for the Open Atrium 2.x Beta Release Webinar today!

Open Atrium at CapitalCamp 2013!

Posted by Danielle Miller on July 2, 2013

Hey there Open Atrium fans!

CapitalCamp is just around the corner and the OpenAtrium 2.x team will be in attendance. Mike Potter will be hosting a training as well as a session and we'd love it if you were able to attend. The event details are as follows:

Building Collaborative Sites Using Open Atrium 2

Wednesday, July 24 from 9:00 AM EST to 2:00 PM EST, Phase2 Office Alexandria

Mike Potter will be hosting a training on Open Atrium 2.x at the Phase2 office in Alexandria, VA. Get one on one time with the tech lead of OA 2 as he walks you through setting up...

Open Atrium: Weekly Developers Webinar… Now ‘Til Portland!

Posted by Danielle Miller on April 12, 2013

Starting April 5, 2013, Phase2′s Open Atrium 2.0 team will be hosting a weekly webinar and demo for developers interested in testing or contributing to Open Atrium. These webinars are intended for experienced Drupal developers who are interested in testing the product before its upcoming release, and contributing to the project through creating plugins for Atrium.

The next webinar is Friday, April 12 at 11:30 am EDT. Register here for this webinar!

Each week’s most recent webinar video can be found here:

Webinar Recording: 4/5/2013 (please note. This recording started...

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