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Best Practices For Updating Your Open Atrium Site

Open Atrium is an open source distribution for building collaboration platforms. Unlike other distributions that are mainly intended to be a static "kickstart" for your site or platform, Open Atrium is designed to be constantly updated and improved. With an exciting new version planned for late October, this webinar will prepare you with best practices for updating your Open Atrium 2 site. Lead Open Atrium Architect, Mike Potter will demonstrate the best updating methods, including techniques like using Features Override to preserve your site customizations across updates.


New Open Atrium User Experience Developments

User Experience is one of the key factors in user adoption for social collaboration platforms. In this webinar, you will get the first look at some of the new usability developments in Open Atrium!

Learn how you can use Apps to easily enable functionality such as workflow, and multiple file uploads. We will also demonstrate a brand new way to view and interact with your entire Open Atrium space hierarchy, and talk about the conversion of the theme to Bootstrap 3.

Grab a seat for this exciting webinar with the…


Is it impossible to find what you need on your current intranet? Is your homepage so cluttered you forget what you were looking for to start with? Tell the truth -- is there clip art from 1988 on your intranet?

Lucky for you, there are some incredible advancements in social intranets and collaboration tools -- from social activity streams to content notifications to restricting content to specific users.

The choices are many, and the buzzwords abound! So join Phase2’s panel of intranet experts, and we’ll show you:

  • How to organize information on your intranet…

June Webinar: Open Atrium For Government

Government agencies face unique challenges when collaborating within their teams, departments, and external communities. Agencies need a robust and secure toolset to successfully connect disparate government systems and constituents.

Open Atrium provides an open source, enterprise-grade collaboration platform for government that:

  • Engages constituents with a modern, mobile-friendly experience
  • Streamlines communication and workflows across groups
  • Integrates with enterprise systems

In this month’s Open Atrium webinar, Karen Borchert, Phase2’s SVP…


Open Atrium Webinar: Workflow Enhancements

This month we will be showing the new Workflow features for Open Atrium 2. Integration with the Drupal Workbench module, along with some new submodules, allows custom workflows to be created on a per-space basis.

Join Mike Potter, Open Atrium's Lead Architect, Friday, May 23rd for a live demo of this new exciting workflow functionality! Register for the webinar here!

Your members and alumni are living and working in a highly collaborative and digitally connected world. Staying in touch with members and teams across the globe can help your organization stay connected, promote initiatives or campaigns, increase membership, and raise funds. Using the open source Open Atrium tool set, you can create a robust alumni or member network that will allow you to not only reach your members, but to truly build relationships with them.

Learn how you can engage, rather than just broadcast; collaborate, not just communicate; and build up true leaders and…


Open Atrium 2.16 Release!

Open Atrium 2.16 was released today! Here are some of the notable improvements to look forward to:

  • New user notification settings form (no more wall of checkboxes!).  
  • Ability to notify entire space from the notification widget.
  • Space vocabularies inherit to subspaces.  Can also share vocabs across different spaces.
  • Colors and banners inherit to subspaces.
  • Ability to Subscribe (Follow) entire sections and spaces.
  • Content vibrancy: Shows new/updated tags on content in many different views across the product
  • Table support in the…

Free Open Atrium Training At NYCCamp 2014!

Open Atrium Expert, Mike Potter will be leading a free Open Atrium training at NYC Camp 2014 on Friday, April 10th, 9:00AM-5:00PM EST.  The training will go over the basics of setting up an Open Atrium instance and how to set up your own collaboration platform.  Get the full scoop about this training here!  If you are in the NYC Metro Area and want to learn how to use Open Atrium, be sure to sign up today,…


 Knowing a few tricks and tips can save you time and help you get more out of this flexible collaboration tool.

In this month’s Open Atrium webinar, we’ll show you the best tricks and tips for using Open Atrium. Plus, we’ll answer questions like:

1. What should I set up first?
2. What’s the difference between a space and a group?
3. How do I make my Open Atrium site look like my organization?
4. How do I restrict who can see stuff on my site?
5. How am I going to make sure people use it?

An hour of these tricks and tips and you’ll be off to the…


Planning Your Open Atrium Site

 Join us Wednesday, November 20th at 11:00AM EST, and learn how to start planning your Open Atrium solution!

Open Atrium 2 has powerful capabilities for managing communications, knowledge, and teams, but planning is the first step to building a great Open Atrium site. Understanding the building blocks of how people, content, permissions, and structure work together in Open Atrium is the first step.

Lead by Open Atrium product manager, …


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